For all levels of ballet & modern classes: Black leotard & black/pink tights, hair up. No skirts/shorts/hoodies/cover-ups. Legwarmers and fitted long sleeve shirt may be worn in the winter during barre. 

   No baggy clothing for Pilates.

       Attendance: We have a small school, which makes attendance very important.

   Attendance is always mandatory. Students must have a note for excused absences:

  Excused absences include serious illness, injury, family emergencies, etc. A doctor’s note must be provided if the student is too sick to attend class. If your child is not feeling well, they can sit and watch class, take notes, listen to corrections, and watch choreography. Light physical activity is actually proven to make you feel better and recover faster when you are feeling under the weather!

  Unexcused absences include parties, extracurricular school activities (sports, clubs, band, teams, etc.), vacations, “just not feeling well”, homework, or not having a ride *If you will be unable to drive your child to class, please contact us ASAP. Our students live all over the area and chances are there is probably someone with whom they can carpool.

   If student is absent for 4 or more classes, they may not be able to perform in upcoming shows.

   If student is absent for 2 or more rehearsals, they may not be able to perform in upcoming shows.


o   Payments need to be made on time. This is a small school and when people don’t pay on time, the school cannot pay their bills!

o   Payment plans available, please talk to us privately.

o   5% off when you pay for your classes by the semester rather than weekly.

o   10% off when you refer a new student!

o   10% off when you volunteer your time/skills to us! We need parents who can help with advertising, non-profit status, grant writing, fundraising, accounting, etc.